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An owner expects a building to be leased or sold with little to no documentation on a building. This can often make the task of brokering a deal with a new tenant quite difficult. For this very reason Prime Edge has come up with various solutions for real estate brokers. Depending on the type of building and its use, different levels of information and documentation are necessary. Prime Edge has two solutions which can be customized to fit a specific customer's need.

The Quick Sketch Plan (QSP) is useful and cost efficient when no floor plan exists and a general layout is needed. An AutoCAD floor plan can be generated quickly and easily to approximately represent the space and layout. Measurements are made in key areas to provide a customer with a close representation of the building. However, Prime Edge does not recommend the QSP if the accuracy of the drawing or sizes of the rooms are an issue. In these situations, Prime Edge recommends a standard Prime Edge As-Built which is always done to a high level of accuracy.

With a user name and password, customers can take advantage of our web technology to view floor plans, digital images or other essential information for a building/space for lease or sale. If you already have a website, Prime Edge's web development team can work with you to set up a direct link to Prime Edge or we can send you AutoCAD files that may be incorporated on your website.

As-builts for a building can save much time for a potential tenant or owner. Lack of as-builts and documentation on the building will be the initial hurdle for any proposed project. An excellent set of as-builts can help a potential buyer make a more informed decision about the building and can shorten the decision making process.


An owner should expect to have accurate and complete as-built information on its buildings. Prime Edge has found that most owners do not receive very thorough information on their buildings. Prime Edge believes if an owner takes a more proactive approach to keeping up to date and accurate plans, it will prove extremely beneficial and cost effective. Prime Edge can work in several capacities to provide an owner with as-builts that will be useful for tenant improvements, future leasing or sale, maintenance and many other areas. Prime Edge can work with an owner's general contractor to ensure accuracy and document changes and deviations from the original design. It is common for changes to be made during construction. What becomes the challenge is making sure those changes are reflected in the as-built set provided to an owner by its general contractor or architect. Prime Edge has found that too often as-builts are turned over to an owner without any verification or checking that the as-builts accurately reflect field conditions.

If an owner has an upcoming project, the first thing he or she will most likely need to give the architect is the existing as-built documentation. If an owner's as-builts are lacking or there is simply no existing documentation, Prime Edge is here to provide a cost effective and timely solution. We can provide as-builts with a higher level of accuracy at a more economical cost than architects or engineers. We specialize in as-builts and can actually free up the time of architects and engineers so they may work on creating and designing an owner's new space. This ultimately allows for a more efficient design process.

Prime Edge can work for an owner or directly for his or her construction team. We can provide as-builts either to get a project started or to ensure that an owner receives accurate as-builts at the end of a project. Regardless of whom hires Prime Edge, it always remains the owner's responsibility to request accurate as-builts. On your next project, make sure you do not just get any set of as-builts. Remember, if you don't have Prime Edge as-builts, then you don't have as-builts.

Prime Edge is enthusiastic about its as-builts and is pleased to offer a program to property managers that will improve their efficiency and aid in their leasing. Accurate as-builts can be of great value due to the importance of having reliable and accessible information. Prime Edge provides a unique product unsurpassed in quality. We are also more economical than architectural firms who do not specialize in this type of work. We are focused on as-builts and employ the latest technology in retrieving, documenting and distributing building information to our customers. Prime Edge as-builts help minimize travel time to a site by allowing a potential tenant to view a floor plan from his/her office. This efficient internet based presentation of plans can help hone in on serious tenants who can identify before an onsite visit whether the space suits their business needs. Prime Edge's computerized drawing files will allow you to quickly and easily access different floor plans for viewing, printing or as a reference.

As a financial lender on a construction project, it is often quite difficult to visit a project and check the progress of construction. Prime Edge helps lending institutions keep up to date on a project by providing digital images and as-built documentation via the internet. Now keeping current on a project is as easy as a click of a button from your office. If you possess in-house construction experience, then you can have the opportunity to review our detailed information and save the cost of paying a high priced inspector. Otherwise, Prime Edge can evaluate the percent complete on a project in addition to documenting construction progress. Prime Edge's team has a strong construction background and was founded by a graduate of Stanford University with a BS in Civil Engineering: Structures & Construction and a MS in Construction Management. Prime Edge is also a licensed general contractor in the State of California and has experience in design and construction of commercial projects. If you would like to see a sample of our on-line digital images or as-built documentation, please contact us for access to our demo site.


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