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Prime Edge works with general contractors and subcontractors during construction to help document changes and deviations from the construction drawings. Our focus on this area can allow general contractors to move on to the next project while Prime Edge fulfills its as-built obligations. Prime Edge ensures that the as-builts provided to a customer are accurate and timely.

By hiring Prime Edge, a general contractor is taking a proactive step in ensuring quality as-builts will be given to the customer in a timely manner. As-builts are becoming more and more essential as the growth and changes to a company's facilities are increasing with every acquisition and expansion.

Prime Edge can review and compare actual construction by mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, data and other subcontractors with original design layout. A general contractor's services will become indispensable to an owner if they are able to retain and maintain accurate as-built information.
General contractors can also leverage Prime Edge’s technology to provide an owner with digital photographs and AutoCAD files viewable on the internet.

Today's Silicon Valley customer conducts business with technology in the expectation that its contractors will keep up to speed. Consistent with this philosophy, Prime Edge continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology and makes all efforts to communicate and transfer information seamlessly between the general contractor and its customers.


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